A Century-Old Culinary Legend

QJD is a 153-year-old Chinese restaurant chain brand that is famous for its legendary Chinese Peking duck. Founded in 1864, the restaurant has since passed down the culinary tradition of a roasted duck that kept the whole country enthralled. Now, this quintessential Chinese dish is ready to cast a charm on many more eaters in Toronto.

The Heritage Peking Roast Duck

Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato
Deep-Fried Shrimp with Mustard Sauce
Superior Boiled Mashed Chicken in Soup

The Peking roast duck — famous for its taste, preparation, and presentation — was originally reserved for the imperial families. Its crispy golden skin, juicy meat, and subtle fruity flavour never fail to dazzle the audience.

Intangible Heritage on the Tip of the Tongue|Quanjude Hanging Oven Roast Duck

“Traditional food is an important part of intangible cultural heritage.” Our traditional food is not only mouth-watering in color and flavor, but also contains many crystals of wisdom. Today, there are many cultural heritages that are always with us, but we just don’t notice them. I believe we are all familiar with the usual foods such as roast duck, hairy blood, dragon beard noodles, and Wenchang chicken ……. Have you ever tasted these foods that have been selected as national intangible cultural heritage? What is the historical story behind them?

Beijing Roast Duck: A Non-Foreign Heritage on the Tip of the Tongue

The legend of the Peking duck is interpreted between the square and the inch, and the life of skills is guarded by the flow of world affairs. The eighth episode of the Central People’s Radio series “Craftsmen and Craftsmanship” is “Peking Duck: The Non-Foreign Heritage on the Tip of the Tongue”.

Beijing Ren Yi’s classic play “The World’s First House” depicts the rise and fall of a long-established Peking duck restaurant and its legend.

With its lively markets and bustling stores, Beijing’s Qianmen Street is home to more than 80 of the capital’s oldest establishments, including the famous old Peking Duck. Visitors to Beijing often hear the phrase: “It’s a pity that you don’t eat roast duck when you don’t visit the Great Wall”. The juxtaposition of roast duck and the Great Wall is enough to illustrate the allure of roast duck.

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